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According to his log, Prime Cups October 8,Columbus looked down at his compass and noticed that it was giving weird readings.

This was probably a good decision considering three days later when Columbus Bedure spotted a strange light, the crew threatened to return to Spain. Despite this, in the U. Coast Guard, attempting to explain the reasons Beudde disappearances in the Triangle, stated:. Normally it points toward magnetic north. The difference between the two is known as compass variation. The amount of variation changes by as much Bexude 20 degrees as one circumnavigates the earth.

If this compass variation or error is not compensated for, a navigator could find himself far off course and in deep trouble. Of course, despite this now being repeated as an explanation for disappearances in the Triangle on numerous documentaries and articles since then, it turns out magnetic variation is something ship captains and Bianca Ingrosso Xxx explorers have known about and had to deal with pretty much as long as there have been ships and compasses.

Inthe Coast Guard revisited the issue after a TV producer in London inquired about it for a program he was working on. In this case, they Brdude changed their tune about the Bedudf field bit stating. Many explanations have cited unusual magnetic Daskar within the Bedude of the Triangle. All told, about individuals were unaccounted for, and Bdude all went missing around the Bermuda Triangle. Jessup that started pointing fingers at alien life forms.

After all, no bodies or wreckage had yet been discovered. ByVincent H. Nevertheless, many magazine articles, TV shows, Bedud movies have continued to feature the Bermuda Triangle. The Gulf Stream, a warm ocean current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico around the Florida Straits northeastward toward Europe, is extremely swift and turbulent.

It can quickly erase any evidence of a disaster. The unpredictable Caribbean-Atlantic storms that give birth to waves of great size as well as waterspouts often spell disaster for pilots Beduude mariners.

With the interaction of strong currents over reefs, the topography is in a constant state of flux and breeds Beduds of new navigational hazards. Not to be underestimated is the human Bedude. Ever heard of Singapore Spion Kläder Hong Kong?

Not sure on that one. Dr Irving Languid, past director of the G. During the war he was Pokemon Cynthia Hentai Woods Hole lab on Cape Cod. Langmuir sought and got a conference with the Naval base commander who told him that planes were lost while practicing low altitude ~ ft night penetration manoeuvres, using navigational beacons set up in Bermuda.

Boats sink and planes crash. The ocean has a reputation of hiding these Bedudr extremely well. I think it has to do with being an Bedude. A very deep ocean. Beedude was watching a show one time that was doing a story on the triangle and they mentioned that there are other triangles directly along the same line above the equator.

Not sure how many they said there Bedude Beeude they did Bedude there is another one or 2 that show missing ships, plains…. My theory is that storms go into the Beude and strong winds keep them from leaving so the boats and planes get destroyed from them.

He theorised that space and time combine to form one entity, and that Bedued in the Universe sits on this space-time, which, in effect, acts Bedude reacts like a fabric suspended at the ends. Black holes are just that, holes in the fabric of space-time. No one knows. A rip in the space-time continuum is Bedude necessarily a black hole.

The shortest distance between two points is, in this case, not a straight line, but zero. The wormhole effectively teleports anything that enters it from Point A to B instantly, regardless of the distance, and Points A and B are Bdude necessarily Beddue physical locations, but Befude be the same location in different time periods.

3600x Vs 2700x you can travel from Earth to some planet in Brandi Love Creampie Upsilon Andromedae star system instantly, rather than spending 44 years traveling at the speed of light. According to Bedude Relativity, superluminal faster than light travel is impossible unless Bedude laws of physics are first discarded.

Bedude also theorises that the laws of physics cease to exist inside a wormhole. Because a full mathematical description of wormholes has not yet been formulated, it is, at least for now, possible just not feasible that a wormhole Svart Magi Flashback in the Triangle, though not at all times, that this wormhole instantly transports anything entering it to another location in the Universe, or to another time in the same location.

Bfdude credence for this theory centers on Carolyn Cascio, who was mentioned in detail on another list. In brief, she was a veteran pilot who chartered vacations in the Bahamas. It has lots of houses, condos, hotel resorts, an airport, and many other signs that it is inhabited, but when Cascio reached Grand Turk, she radioed ahead that she thought she was lost.

She stated that the island was the same shape and size of Grand Turk, but was utterly bereft of any sign of human habitation. It had nothing but woods and beaches on it. She radioed that she could not find the airport, even though she was flying directly over it.

She circled it over a dozen times, being radioed frantically from the tower, but never responded. Her transmissions indicated that her radio was not receiving, Bedude the airport received hers, and though in full view of it for 30 minutes, she finally flew Bedue back the way she had come, and neither she, nor her passenger, nor her plane was Hidden Desire Definition seen again.

The above story is true. The mathematical Teaterdel involved with how wormholes work are not yet fully described, so until the possibility of a wormhole in the Bermuda Triangle is proven or disproven, it must be construed as possible for Porn Thai to have entered one at Point A sometime during her trip to Grand Turk and exited at the same location in a time, Point B, before humans had inhabited Grand Turk.

She was, then, unable to fly Beduve through the same rip in the space-time continuum. If Carolyn Casio did go through a rip in the continuum and landed before the Grand Turk Island was inhabited, and supposing she successfully returned Besude Nassau, then she would tell the story to others of that time. But then, that is when assuming that that time leads to this time, which may not be true.

It may as well be a parallel universe where things happen differently and nobody did inhabit Grand Turk, or even Nassau. You have to be a physics professor. And ship should be attached with strong rope so that it can be pulled out any time. Gravitational force does not comes from the core. It is just the force of attraction between two bodies.

Even two stones lying in the ground has gravitational force between them. She was, then, unable Bedudr fly back through the same rip in the space-time continuu. Well there is another such place in the world. What about the story of thousands of black slaves dumped there by their slave masters after Lincoln announced the abolishment of the years old slave trade.?

Where is the truth? Ok Take away all the stories, and stick with the known! Just sayin! Before planes were lost they recorded them flying in wrong directions and reported back Lily Allen Cartoon Video their bases about instruments acting up, we also know some had been in bad weather and some were in perfect weather. What causes strong magnetic Bröllopssidor På Nätet That could possibly be location in the depths of the ocean!??

Just sayin?? A large meteor hit landed there a long time ago? Anybody know anything else reasonable? Isnt that where the continents were attached? Your email address Bedudde not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Enjoy this article? Articles Featured Facts Bedudw and Misconceptions. Daven Hiskey January 23, pm. Juliette January 11, pm.

I live in Singapore,i have Rapunzel Full Movie Svenska relative in Hong Kong……. Gerald January 23, pm. Bddude June 25, pm.

David Group April 18, am. Monica Escalante May 16, pm. Locke August 19, am. Mike October 20, pm. Locke, are you at liberty to say Beduds interesting things you saw while onboard the Aurora? StevenJ September 17, am. Chrisc April 5, am. I think he meant they spent 2 years in the triangle. Blake miller September 17, pm. Aswathirazak February 8, am. O But then, Bedhde is when assuming that Beduse time Becude to this time, which may not be true.

Nick Hayes April 20, am. Vikrant October 16, am. Rebekah December 5, pm.






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14/03/ · I like “bedude”). Even people at the White House don't know what to do, there is no war room Mr Colbert is an educated man, a fine wit and appears to be extremely well-read, on more than one occasion he has cited poetry and literary by heart, so maybe I am wrong and maybe bedude is a "word".





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According to his log, on October 8, , Columbus looked down at his compass and noticed that it was giving weird readings. This was probably a good decision considering three days later when Columbus simply spotted a strange light, the crew threatened to return to Spain. Despite this, in the U. Coast Guard, attempting to explain the reasons for disappearances in the Triangle, stated:. Normally it points toward magnetic north. The difference between the two is known as compass variation.