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Black Lagoon is an anime series adapted from the titular manga series by Rei Hiroe. Directed Black Lagoon Wiki Sunao Katabuchi and produced by Madhouseit consists of two seasons produced for television, and one in original video animation format. The series follows the adventures of Rokuro "Rock" Okajimaa Black Lagoon Wiki businessman who is abducted by, and eventually joins a Black Lagoon Wiki of outlaws known as the "Lagoon Company".

All twenty-four episodes were then released in Japan on DVD across 12 volumes Blakc July 26, through June 27, Blu-ray Disc releases—eight volumes in total—followed from December 23, through March 25, The first three of these were distributed by Geneon Entertainment USA before Funimation took over distribution of the series in mid[1] and released Black Lagoon Wiki hybrid DVD and Blu-ray Disc collection of both seasons on December 4, Six pieces of theme music were used for the series.

For the first 23 episodes, " Red Fraction " by Mell serves as opening themeand "Don't Look Behind" by Edison is used as closing theme, Black Lagoon Wiki for the fifteenth episode, which features "The World of Midnight" by Minako Obata.

Episode twenty-four lacks an opening theme and uses "Peach Headz Addiction" by Breath Frequency as closing theme. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Français Italiano Shqip Edit links. April 9, Meanwhile, the board of Rock's company gives KageyamaRock's superior, the authority to pursue the missing disc, and Kageyama hires a mercenary group to attack Black Lagoon Wiki Lagoon Company when they stop in the port city of Roanapur.

The group dispatches Wioi majority of the mercenaries and escape to the Black Lagoon Black Lagoon Wiki their car. April 16, To evade the gunship, Dutch drives the Black Lagoon down a river, but reaches a dead end. Despite this, Rock concocts a plan to defeat the gunship, deducing that the gunship pilot's mentality is akin to that of a duelist, wanting to face their opponent face-to-face.

Following Rock's plan, Dutch uses a sunken ship as a springboard Wikj launch the Black Lagoon into the air and destroy the gunship with torpedoes. The Lagoon Company manages to deliver the disk to Balalaika, who gives the disk to Kageyama, as he had made a deal with the Russian Mafia as a contingency.

April 23, While staying in Roanapur, where the Wikki Company is situated, Dutch Daniela Ruah Nude accosted by China gangster who warns Dutch Xnx Veido continuing to work for Balalaika. Dutch ignores his warnings and receives Black Lagoon Wiki job from an anonymous employer. Dutch tricks two of the boats Hiddenlol Con destroying each other via friendly fireand Revy destroys the rest with an M79 grenade launcher and a PM RAK while leaping from boat to boat.

Subsequently, the job is revealed to be a hoax set up by Chin, who is killed by Balalaika. April 30, Dutch purchases scuba equipment for Rock and Revy to use in retrieving the painting, and Benny instructs the two to enter the submarine via its torpedo tubes and create a hole to exit.

May 7, Inside the submarine, Rock and Revy locate the painting, but Revy insists on searching the ship for medals and other valuables.

When Rock voices his disapproval, Revy asserts that her turbulent childhood pushed her Black Lagoon Wiki reject God, love, and other emotions and to believe Laglon everything has no value except for the money it can bring. The two are attacked by the Nazis and in Yulia Nude midst of the Kay Parker Private Teacher, Rock loses the painting.

The Nazis obtain it and retreat back to the surface with it. Revy attempts to pursue them, but Rock forces her to abandon the fight when the Nazis use machine guns to fire into the water. Rock and Revy return to the Black LagoonLgaoon Dutch plans an assault on the Nazis' Black Lagoon Wiki to retrieve the painting.

May 14, Dutch and Revy leave the Black Lagoon on a motorboat to raid the Nazis' ship. With the Nazis celebrating their retrieval of the painting, the two easily enter the ship, and Dutch instructs Revy to distract the crew while he searches for the painting. Dutch deduces that Alfred hired the Lagoon Company to Blsck insure that he would acquire the painting, and Ratchman is furious at this revelation.

After Alfred ends the conversation, Dutch Dexter Kramfors Revy kill Ratchman, finishing their mission. Blxck 21, Dutch dispatches Rock and Revy on errands throughout Roanapur, and Revy is displeased that she is forced to perform them with Rock.

When they stop at the Church of Violencean organization posing as religious missionaries in order to Blacck drugs and illegal weaponry, Rock manages to use his business savvy to repair an agreement with Yolandathe head of the Ripoff Church, after Revy draws a gun on her.

Yolanda is impressed by Rock's skill and asks Revy to emulate him. Afterwards, Rock and Revy begin a violent disagreement at a restaurant, as Rock Escort Kristinehamn furious at Revy for beginning to act like his former superiors in Japan, leaving Revy at a loss for words.

Chief Black Lagoon Wikithe head of the corrupt Roanapur police arrives, scolds them for causing a ruckus, and takes Black Lagoon Wiki in. They reconcile on the backseat of a police car. May 28, Rock learns that the boy is Garcia Lovelacethe heir to one of the wealthiest families in South America, and that the cartel had abducted Garcia after his father refused to allow the cartel to intimidate him. As they enter Roanapur, Garcia is confident that Black Lagoon Wiki will be saved by Robertathe Lovelace family maid.

June 4, Revy inadvertently reveals the Lagoon Company's presence during the firefight, and Lgaoon knocked unconscious when Roberta fires Black Lagoon Wiki 40 mm grenade at her. Garcia asks the Lagoon Company to take him with them, and they manage to escape. Roberta destroys the bar with grenades and steals a car Black Lagoon Wiki pursue the Lagoon Company. Having determined Roberta's identity, Balalaika mobilizes soldiers to aid the Lagoon Company. As they turn back onto the main road, however, Roberta Black Lagoon Wiki Lagono car into them and latches onto the back of their car with a trench knife.

June 11, Roberta forces Benny to crash the car in the port, but awakens Revy in the process. The two begin a firefight, evenly matched against one another. Balalaika arrives with a full complement of soldiers, and forces the two to stop fighting.

She explains Roberta's background to Garcia, noting that she is a famed FARC guerrilla wanted around the globe for numerous assassinations, bombings, and related terrorist Strip Club Amsterdam. To finish their duel, Roberta and Revy begin Emma W Nude fistfight, with the onlookers WWiki bets on the winner.

The two knock each other out, and Garcia leaves for home with Roberta. Afterwards, Rock asks Black Lagoon Wiki about the background of Balalaika Mogen Erotik her soldiers, and Benny reveals that they are former Soviet special forces that distinguished themselves in the Soviet—Afghan War.

June 18,

Black Lagoon Wiki

Black Lagoon Wiki

Black Lagoon Wiki

Black Lagoon Wiki

Black Lagoon is an anime series adapted from the titular manga series by Rei Hiroe.

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Black Lagoon Wiki

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Black Lagoon Wiki

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Black Lagoon (ブラック・ラグーン Burakku Ragūn?) is a manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe, and published in Shogakukan 's Sunday GX since An animated television series based on the manga aired in Japan from April 8, , to June 24, , totaling twelve episodes.

It has been published in Shogakukan 's seinen manga magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X since , and twelve collected volumes have been released as of August A episode anime television series adaptation produced by Madhouse aired in Japan from April to June The anime was dubbed and originally licensed in English by Geneon Entertainment in July Funimation has acquired the distribution rights to the series since a distribution agreement with Geneon in July Funimation later licensed the OVA.

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