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The Oldsmobile Cutlass was a range of automobiles produced by General Motors ' Oldsmobile division between and Nakenbad Halmstad At its introduction, the Cutlass was Oldsmobile's entry-level model; it began as a unibody 76 Cutlass carbut saw its greatest success as a body-on-frame intermediate.

The Cutlass was named after the type of swordwhich was common during the Age of Sail. By the s, Oldsmobile was using Cutlasx Cutlass as a sub- marquewith numerous vehicle lines bearing the name simultaneously. These included the Cutlass Calais compactthe midsize Cutlass Cutkassthe Cutlass Cruiser station wagon76 Cutlass top of the line midsize Cutlass Supreme.

Oldsmobile first used the Cutlass Cut,ass on an experimental sports coupe designed in It rode a in 2, mm wheelbase, and featured a dramatic boat-tailed Cutlasw roofline and stock V8. Its platform was similar to the compact F introduced seven years later. The Series 60 was discontinued inwhile the Series 70 was cancelled in The division then offered multiple models using the Oldsmobile Series 80 and Oldsmobile Series 90 platforms during the s. When the division decided to revisit offering a smaller platform again, they didn't return to the traditional naming convention of reintroducing the Series 70 and instead offered the new compact as the F, inspired by the North American F Sabre fighter jet, and beginning a new tradition of using fighter jet names Youngmodelsclub their products as the Jet Age began.

During World War II, many GM factories temporarily suspended automobile production and manufactured fighter aircraft, bombers and aircraft engines for the war effort, and emphasizing their contribution was reflected in the division's 776 to name their products after fighter aircraft.

General Motors began developing its first compact cars inbeginning with initial planning on what would become the Chevrolet Corvair in The following year a second series of somewhat larger cars was planned for BuickOldsmobile, and Pontiac Cuylass what would be termed "senior compacts".

They would share the same body shell and lightweight engine. Oldsmobile designer Irvin Rybicki began work on the Olds model in It finally went on sale in as a model. The Oldsmobile F shared a new Y-body platform with the Buick Special and Pontiac Tempestusing a inch mm wheelbase 76 Cutlass still-novel unibody construction.

The use of the model description "F" was a revival of a naming convention the company offered from called the F-Series. The F had double wishbone front suspension and a four-link live axle in the rear, suspended with coil springs all around; the drum brakes had a diameter of 9.

Unlike its platform mates, the first-generation F was only ever offered with a V8 engine. Standard engine was the new Rockette cu in 3. With a two-barrel carburetor and an 8. The first-year F was offered in two body styles, a four-door sedan or a four-door station wagon with either two or three seats, and Ariel Winter Reddit a choice of two trim levels, base or De Luxe.

Transmission options were initially a 3-speed manual with synchromesh on the top two gears [3] and the newly Cutlsas 3-speed Roto Hydramatic. Overall length was A few months after the model introduction, Oldsmobile added a "power pack option", which included a four-barrel carbureted, high-compression They praised its construction, but found its steering too slow and its suspension too soft for enthusiastic driving.

For styling changes were minor, and included a new grille, different chrome ornamentation on the bodysides and new interior trim. The existing F models returned, and a convertible was added to the line-up in September, available in both standard and Cutlass versions.

The automatic transmission was replaced with an upgraded 4 speed Roto 5 Hydro-Matic transmission, and an Cutlwss four-speed manual became optional. Overall F sales rose to 97, with the Cutlass displacing the four-door De Luxe sedan as the top-selling model.

The bigger news was the arrival of the Cuglass Jetfirea Cutlass pillarless hardtop with a turbocharged Dee Williams Porn of the V8, dubbed Turbo-Rocket.

This made the Jetfire the first ever turbocharged production caran 76 Cutlass it shares with the Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder. Although much faster than a standard F, the Jetfire was criticized for having the same soft suspension as its less-powerful brothers, for its lack of a tachometer and other instruments, and for the poor shift quality of both the automatic transmission and Jobro Onlyfans optional four-speed.

Car and Driver tested an automatic Jetfire and obtained a 0—60 time of 9. Ultimately the Jetfire engine was far ahead of its time. While the wheelbase was unchanged at inches, the new sheetmetal added 4 inches mm to the F's rear overhang, increasing overall length to The Jetfire and its turbocharged V8 returned, for what would be its final year.

Three-row seating was dropped on station wagons. 76 Cutlass automatic transmission models only, the compression ratio of the "Cutlass" engine was raised to A Delcotron alternator became standard Naked Curvy Models all models, as well as on the rest of the Oldsmobile car line. Disappointing sales of the compact F, along with the introduction of Ford Motor Company 's Pornhin Fairlane inprompted GM to enlarge the senior compacts for the model year.

The new intermediate F now rode a conventional body-on-frame chassis with a perimeter frame which it shared with the newly-introduced "A-body" Chevrolet Chevelleand upgraded Buick Special and Pontiac Tempest.

Both the aluminum V8 and the Roto Hydramatic were discontinued in favor of Chtlass new cast-iron small-block V8 of cu in 5. Buick's cu in 3. The body styles of the previous model returned, and a new Vista Cruisera stretched-wheelbase inches 3, mm version of the standard station wagon featuring a raised rear roof with tinted skylights and a fold-down, forward-facing third seat, debuted on February 4, For a modest facelift Cutlaxs overall length to A 76 Cutlass cu in 6.

Sales increased again toThe year was the first for Oldsmobile's "Rocket" logo that would last, with 76 Cutlass variations, until the s. The models were slightly restyled again, with body lines similar to the full-sized 88and semi-fastback rooflines with extended sail panels and tunneled rear windows on Sport pillared and Holiday hardtop coupes. New that year was the Surrogatpappa Supreme four-door hardtop sedan also dubbed the Holiday Sedan by Oldsmobile, the first such body style for Olds' intermediate line.

Changes for included the availability of optional disc brakes and the three-speed Turbo-Hydramatic to supplement the two-speed Jetaway. A new option was the Turnpike Cruiser package on Cutlass Supreme coupes and convertibles, which used a two-barrel carburetor and mild camshaft with the cu in 6.

The Turnpike Cruiser used the heavy-duty suspension of theand was available only with a Turbo-Hydramatic. Oldsmobile's was penned by the styling studio headed by Stan Wilen.

Two-door and four-door models now rode different wheelbases: inches 2, mm for two-doors and inches 2, mm Cutlss four-doors. Overall length shrunk about 2. Two-door F and Cutlass models adopted a semi- fastback roofline, which was a revival of a streamlining on all GM products from until as demonstrated on the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 Club Coupe.

Base model remained the F, with mid-level Cutlass S, and upscale Cutlass Supremeas well as thewhich became a Cutlasd model instead of an option package. Cutlass and Vista Cruiser station wagons were likewise redesigned; the F wagon was discontinued. Engine options were similar to the previous year, although the Cutlass's V8 option was expanded to cu in 5.

The variable-pitch stator feature of both optional two-speed Jetaway and three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmissions was discontinued. Per federal safety regulations, headrests were now standard equipment and the Cutlaxs switch moved from the instrument panel to the steering column to lock the steering wheel when not in use, in common with all other model GM cars, one year before the locking steering columns were federally mandated.

Engine offerings were unchanged frombut a new three-speed Turbo Cutlasss transmission was added to the option list and available with all versions of the cu in 5. The Turnpike Cruiser two-barrel Cutlaws in 6. This practice was similar Cutlaas that followed at the time by Ford and Mercury for theirintermediates, which were offered in both notchback and fastback coupes starting in Also available Rebel Lynn a four-door hardtop Holiday Sedan, a four-door Town Sedan, a convertible, a flat-top station wagon called the Custom Cruiser, as well as the fancier Vista-Cruiser station wagon.

Counting all trim level and body style permutations, Oldsmobile's lineup included 15 different intermediate models. There was an SX option that became available in and was available only on the Cutlass Supreme hardtop and convertible.

The SX cars all Na Granici 25 Epizoda the engine and TH automatic transmission. The same assortment of three- and four-speed manual transmissions were carried over from previous years with Hurst shifters used on floor-mounted three-speeds and all four-speeds. The two-speed Jetaway automatic Fru Soprano was discontinued entirely with the three-speed Turbo Hydra-matic now Cutlas sole offering for shiftless driving.

Cutlass S coupes Escort Girl Göteborg the optional Strato bucket seats and Brazzers Brasil Hydra-matic could be equipped with the Hurst Dual-Gate shifter also known as the "His and Her-Shifter" in 76 Cutlass with the extra-cost center console.

The Hurst 76 Cutlass made it possible to either put the transmission in Drive, and 76 Cutlass the transmission decide when to shift. Or it could be placed in a manual mode, much like today's computer-controlled automatics. A only offering was the Oldsmobile Rallyea value-priced high-performance model using the engine. It was intended for younger buyers that wanted the performance and looks of a supercarbut might have trouble with the rising insurance premiums associated with engined cars like the All 76 Cutlass s were painted in Sebring Yellow with matching urethane-coated bumpers front and rear.

The package also included special black and orange decals, blacked out grille and yellow-painted 7" wide Super Stock II rally wheels 76 Cutlass trim rings, wearing G70×14" bias-belted Wide Oval blackwall tires.

The engine was the L74 air-inducted high-compression cu. Rocket V8 engine, fitted with a Quadrajet carburetor and producing hp kW. Required options were the associated "Force-Air" fiberglass vented hood, dual exhaust with style megaphone outlets, 3. The model shared much of the same exterior sheetmetal as thebut with a new hood, grille, and headlight assemblies, as well as new bumpers and taillights.

The famous "Rocket" V8 continued in several different sizes and power options, with both the large and 'small-block' available with either 2- or 4-barrel carburetors. This was the last year for the cubic-inch six-cylinder engine, as it had not been a popular offering 76 Cutlass Cutlase intermediates. All engines were now fitted with hardened valve seats, preparing for the upcoming mandate for unleaded gasoline that took effect with the introduction of catalytic converters on models.

The Olds engines also featured lowered compression ratios and designed to run on regular leaded, low-lead or unleaded gasoline with a research octane rating of 91 or higher equivalent to 87 octane Hxnm today's octane measurements.

Forthere were minor style changes to the Cutlass, and the reverted to being a Cutlass trim line W option instead of the distinct model it was in The primary changes to the Cutlass were the front grilles and the tail lights.

The straight six Catgirl Doujinshi was dropped but would return to the lineup in The entry-level F series was reduced to solely a four-door sedan, then discontinued mid-year due to low sales.

This ended the use of the F nameplate, although it would later resurface on an entry-level version of the compact Omega. While rooflines were shared with other GM divisions, the Cutlass bodies had two Oldsmobile-specific convex creases—one starting behind the front wheel and running rearward into the door and curving upward at its Cutpass end, and the other curving down just ahead of the rear wheel and continued by the crease line of the quarter panel behind the rear wheel.

The Cutlass "S" and offered optional "Strato" bucket seats with high seatbacks and built-in head restraints ; these seats could be swiveled 90 degrees 76 Cutlass permit easier entry 76 Cutlass exit for the driver and front Cultass. The new Salon package was offered first as a 4-door Colonnade sedan, which was joined in by a 2-door hardtop coupe.

The Salon included items such as upgraded suspension, radial tiresreclining bucket seats and a hand-operated headlamp dimmer switch built into the turn signal switch. Upgraded gauges were optional.

76 Cutlass

76 Cutlass

The Oldsmobile Cutlass was a range of automobiles produced by General Motors ' Oldsmobile division between and At its introduction, the Cutlass was Oldsmobile's entry-level model; it began as a unibody compact car , but saw its greatest success as a body-on-frame intermediate.

76 Cutlass

The Cutlass had suddenly become one of the cars in America. And as the years went on, instead of petering out, the model seemed to gather steam. By , it was the single best-selling car line in America, with over 1 million units delivered. By the s, a '76 Cutlass .

76 Cutlass

76 Cutlass

The Y76 option was based on the Cutlass 'S' model. Included in the option were argent colored wheels, dual chrome sport mirrors, and the 'S' waterfall header. also had the small rectangular opera window and a half vinyl top. There were minor differences for each model year.

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