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Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

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A game of a girl who dreams of her own apartment. Last update: : Released: : Creator developer : : — Censorship : No Version : 0. Get Insexsity v. Want high speed download? Just buy a Premium Pro account on k2s and get into a world of porn games. Skip to content Version: 0. Download links 0. Yes, look at this event from a new perspective. If we missed something, please, let us know. New for Maxi version: Event in the cinema sit in the front seat ;Event in the store;Event Insexsity Maxi the basement not repeatable ;Event in a dark alley working on Middle Street, is repeatable.

Grabbing bugs, freezing, panel is not active and so on. Choose to play for the stranger — nothing happening;Maxi, Oliver, massage parlor. There were Insexsity Maxi few bugs with him;There was knocking at the door, even after you bought the room;You were able to drink 3 times during the first week, and because of that the game became unplayable at all after that. Now, after your work day is finished anyway massage parlor. Laetitia Casta Nue was not possible to go home for some reason;If you train your agility, it could fall down to 0.

Suzy in the massage parlor — now she comes only once a day, without repetition;Bug. Dialog when dating in a dark alley — interactive;Bug. After spending money on items in the first week, you could be stuck in a bar, not having money to drink;Bug.

When feeding at home a bug Sims 4 Devil Mod stamina and health dropped to 0 ;Bug. Sex hairstyles for Kate, can be changed in the bathroom. Can be used in the bathroom at home and in the store if you want it;The mood system. It is important that you drink or eat and in what condition you sleep. In development.

Eating once a day you can get 3 types of bonuses;4 new items in the inventory;Do you like secret buttons in games? Now we have one;New events: With Don in his room cleaning naked ;Public sex events in the store with 2 types of toys ;Story events with two new characters Old Man and Girl ;The new effects of the event-drink 3 times in the club the old one also remains ;Events with Suzi in the massage parlor Kiss belly ;Event with Edwin.

To find them, you need to meet him at the club, and after have a fun in the new market;In this release you can meet Ashley and Eva short events ;New for Maxi version: New 3 times drink event in the Club.

Play for John;With Suzi in the massage parlor, using sex toys;With stranger in the new Market;With Don in his roomUpgrade and fixes: Some graphics sprites and music have been optimized, loading should be faster on weak devices;Bug in the basement with the animation of Kate.

Because many of you have lost progress of the game, we have added in the corrected version several things, such as: 1. Button for raising the Insexsity Maxi of lewdness in the pause menu for everyone. In the bank you can hack the ATM! You can roll back the version to 0. Keep in mind that the menu has 2 reset buttons. One for Lance, second one for the whole game.

Bug with ATM. Now works correctly. Rewrote the mechanics, at the same time found a possible bug with Eva, when you could miss a meeting with her on the first week and the game could crash.

Oliver did not leave the massage room. Animation of Eva freeze in GH in maxi version. Animation of John and Eva desynchronize the story of Eva September 2 fixed. It was possible to skip the passenger and never meet Mark in the bus, fixed. The laptop button did not respond well to the click. If you mistakenly agree on a date, you can just skip the day and go for a new one. If Zendaya Sex have finished the previous version 0.

This updates the data, Insexsity Maxi the events will not happen. Four types. With different endings. Be drunk. There may be bugs;Cursor for Mac and Insexsity Maxi versions. New for Maxi version: Club, toilet, sober. Club, toilet, drunk. Throat in Rias Gif circle.

Club, Truffle Butter Urban, drunk. In a circle. Both holes.

Upgrade: Loadings between locations faster! Eva did not kiss Kate in the animation;In Insexsity could play for Suzi, even if you do not know her;In GH — clothing on top of the breasts;Moris did not appear at the police station. No laptop, no continuation. It was not a bug, but many did not understand it and we decided to change this event. Great thanks to our translators! Bug with hairstyle in the morning, appeared basic. Added laptop at home. It becomes available after certain events.

Dynamic to-do-list, available from the beginning need to check it. It will help to detect some events. New e-mail in Laptop. Event with Don when he jerks off in the room. Event with Lance accept in massage parlor Event with Victor in the café sober go to work a few endings. The event with John in the massage parlor is repeated. Hints in the club and in the massage with Oliver if you play from the beginningCamera Spider Gwen Thicc in some events, such as a club sit.

Bug when escaping from John in the shower, the event is not always worked. From the massage parlor you can now go home in the work wear if you go straight to the Insexsity Maxi it would help in some situations. New events: — with Oliver in massage parlor, after fingering 3 way to end it— with Oliver in Insexsity, after normal sex in massage from his legs side, — extend event in Insexity with unknown man. There are regular channels and there are erotic ones, but you have to open them.

You can fall in by watching TV. It is divided into levels. Grov Kuk depend on lewdness. There are some Luna Lovegood Hentai in there;removed the limitation of the Days of the week a very important thingnow it feels like a game.

We stopped for three game months, but you can continue to play;increase of lewdness is always visible now, and visible on the screen. Ashley has some secret;added a weekly event. Nina collects the lease starting with the third week. And it works. In the same way, the experience is increasing, the stamina is being wasted;three backgrounds are redrawn room need of refinementhall, and bathroom;new fonts, and hope you will like it;boot screens are now named;now you can go to the club every week, what you gonna do — is your choice.

If you found any bugs, please, let us know — or Patreon page. Ruuse helps us a lot with the texts of the game. Texts were corrected. Insexsity PC, Mac, Linux. Game rating: 5 Second Dimension v0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

A game of a girl who dreams of her own apartment.

Insexsity Maxi

The maxi version is short this time- nude female body one of the new character and see a bit more about the new work (no action). v Maxi version contains a bit more story and shows some abilities that we can use in the future.

Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

Insexsity Maxi

Maxi: here About Insexsity (game first): Maxi, what is the difference: In some situations, you may decide for others, as in the dialogues and also in action, it will not affect to the storyline. Goals. $2, of $2, per month. The priority is the game itself. As a .

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