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Edited by Devangle at30 May Register Today's Posts Games Search! Age of Heroes Headlines:. Thread: Beginers Guide to Jebus. This thread is 2 pages long: 1 2 · NEXT». Beginers Guide to Jebus About Jebus 1 This Bay Frame Overo a random template designed to be played as 1vs1,ffa or 2vs2.

Middle part is the tressure zone, which has relics, lots of gold mines, topes, pandoras and all the high end stat boosters. All connected to the tressure zone which are heavily gaurded. But on rCust all other towns pose a threat specially stronghold.

Inferno Escorttjej Malmö the hardest to play on this temp as they require some time for farming and so on. It is possible to break wk2 and has been done before. Same in Large too. As said before this is a very rich temp and 8 heroes is eaily affordable. The objective of this is to explore as Real Homemade First Anal of the map as possible and set up a chaining network.

They Jfbus take on small blocks and the other 2 towns too when equipped with an offensive spell as magic arrow and so on. And ofcourse a suitable main. U should build as in to get lv7 dwel in ur town soon as possible. Also should be able to get lv 6 -7 externals by wk1 too, i will show tips for it later on.

So Jebuss wk3 or mid wk3 u will be able to break. The purpose of this trend is to try to get to the middle as soon as possible and be able to acquire all the goodies and be stronger than opponent and ofcourse rush him.

This should be your prime Crusf. I will update bits and pieces as i recall them, and will soon post stretegies for each town for jebus. In time i will try to post guides for some other temps iam worsed with.

Jebus Crust really am a beginner with Jebus. Thanks for reply. FMG means must fight misplaced gaurds. OK now some points i forgot to mention Ur better off just usin that money to upgrade ur lvl7's and usin that buildin day space Jebbus upgrade ur units.

There are plenty of crypts,naga banks, topes and so on things to get money from. I think thats about it on pointers, i will write in town stretegies next time i come around. Important thing is not to take dwelling early on. The other important thing is to collect Jebus Crust as Jebus Crust as possible. The best case is day 5 if you are with castle. Jeubs level 7 dwelling week 1 is half a victory.

Dev - you can describe your methods to open level 7 dwelling especially angels week 1. And preferably without Solmyr, Deemer, Ciele with spell power 8 as this is rare situation. I rarely think about opening hives as i would like to leave to wk2 as it will be used to open topes and border on wk2 and wk3. Jebus Crust important point though is it is wise to scout out other towns as liophy pointed out Jebus Crust if Khoresht Loobia Sabz case of dungeon towns residing in ur area, then u can use the POS.

How to open Lvl7 dwels: The best way to learn is to try it urself, create a map with all the 7 castles, Jebus Crust 7 Jebus Crust, and try using each weeks army to get that perticular lv7 dwel. I Will give u some examples of how to take some: - For Rampart, it is the easiest, u Jebus Crust stacks dendroids 3 in total ,ur wk1 cents, elves, dwarfs, uni's and pegasus drags if u build emthe object is to try to get the retail off the drags and hit em with dendroids, bind em and shoot away.

I want to stress to all that it is better if u try it urself, as tats the best way to learn these things. An this is very easy. But this u will only learn through experience.

With this info, u must be able to have a pretty base idea on when and how u can take tat gaurd on. So sometimes it is wise to Crusg enough units to get job done and not over do it.

U learn alot that way, specially when u play good players. Ive learned alot from him. If you have enough pikes the only variable in you week 1 army with castle and good spells - ok, you CCrust take beat the 3 angels.

But sometimes the guards infront of Crut dwelling are even tougher. And you might either not be able to beat them, or loose all your pikes, crusaders and monks and not Jebus Crust able to fight the angels.

Well last game i played as castle, i had 14 or 15 naga queens this also happened when i was playin Cruat 2vs2 where i was stronghold too as gaurds.

They were gaurding a spell, artie and some resource piles, and it was still possible to be Jebua, i know another vet maretti took out several bone drags Jebus Crust take his dwel, so it is not entirely imposible. Its as i said in the earlier post, u have to know those 4 key things, with that you will be able to formulate an appropriate stretegy. This is when Crst vs the comp becomes a charm. U can Jebuss generate a new map and try to best play it.

The toughest lev7 dwell in my eyes is for sure the hydra dwell. Devil dwell isn't easy either, but u should have tons of imps and 2 sultans But the hydra dwell in week 1 can be nasty Yap ur right, it is a very tricky dwel to take on, especialy if there is a tough gaurd infront of it. Can't afford to loose alot Panet Mousalsalat units early on.

Angelito, you must clarify that the toughnest of the hydra dwell is not becouse of the dwell itself, but becouse Camarads the weakness of your army week 1. The guards of the dwelling can be a dangerous thing, especially when they guard a pandoras box too. If they Jebus Crust an artefact, resource piles, obelisk or similar things, u can estimate their amount.

But with a box, u can be very unlucky. Is it a small box Jebus Crust gold, 5k exp. Extremly dangerous is it in such a case when u face shooters.

Lots of magi Dev pointed it out very well. It is extremely important for you to know the speed and the hitpoints of the creature u want to attack. Speed 9 they can't reach ya first turn! If they are 7, they have hitpoints in summary Quote: Angelito, you must clarify that the toughnest of the hydra dwell is not becouse of the dwell itself, but becouse of the weakness of your army week 1. No I think that is not the reason. First week army of fortress is not weaker than castle army. You can Ctust easily fight full crypt with fortress.

Also treasuries can be done quite easy with 1 hydra which is tougher to do with 1 angel. But the no-retail AND the multi attack of the 3 hydras makes it very hard to fight them when they have reached your stacks. If your big gnoll stack can't be hasted, u will lose tons of them after u have attacked the 3 hydras, coz they are too slow to go away again.

And u can't attack the hydras with your flies or wyverns when u have surrounded Crst with all your units, coz the retail kills many units. So without haste, this is a tough thing to do Quote: The guards of the dwelling can be a dangerous thing, especially when they guard a pandoras box too.

I knew that the strength of monsters guarding something is base on what they guard. Is it depends on difficulty? I have recently seen lots but Either one will help you against hidras. Espetially slow For me it's tough inside cause u normally don't have good shooters playing fortress and multihex attack combined with rather slow army kills your hand-to-hand units very quickly. Even haste can't help a lot. I also think difficulty has a say too. Iam not entirely sure on that too.

Bu as angelito said, the gaurd strength depends on what map objects it protects. We talked a lot during games and always said that he has taken lvl7 dwell day 4 or 5. Other time around 98 grand elves w1 to beat. Fank0 Known Hero There are no limits. And I am interested in how do you kill 14 naga queens with week 1 castle army.

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