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Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

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If there's one thing that you know about Ian Somerhalder for sure, it's that he's insanely hot! However, there's a lot beneath the smoldering exterior that may surprise you, and if he wasn't already frequenting your dreams every night, be prepared to never be able to get him out of your head. These facts might just prove that Ian is everybody's dream man because he seriously doesn't Smoerhalder a single flaw. Is he a human We'll leave that to you to decide!

But we can totally guess your answer! If it was possible to clone Ian Somerhalder, every woman totally would. Here are 15 facts about Ian Somerhalder that make him even dreamier than you thought possible. And now you'll understand why they call him the Smolderhalder!

Probably not. But it's one of the many reasons that this man is a dream come true. He started his own foundation with the singular purpose of saving the planet because that's how much he loves the environment. He cares about the planet and caters his lifestyle to helping it, which shows how passionate he is about Iab. That's a serious must-have for a man -- they've got to have a big heart! His might be the biggest ever because while his Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Sexy lists him as an actor, he's also considered an environmentalist and a humanitarian, as well as a United Nations Ian Somerhalder Eyes Programme Goodwill Ambassador.

It's hard to believe a man this charitable is real, let alone this Somefhalder. Every woman ought to have an Ian Somerhalder, but it looks like only Nikki Reed and Mother Nature herself could ever capture his heart. His mesmerizing blue eyes are enough Ina leave every woman breathless, but it's when Ian actually starts to speak that he seems even hotter if that's even possible!

When a journalist asked him his opinion about Vogue putting an age limit on their magazine Somerhaoder, he said that he was totally against it.

Yeah, Ian we will still love you when you're no longer young, but he will still think you're beautiful. This is not a joke.

Seriously, you can go watch the video right now! If you've Somerhaldwr Ian Somerhalder Eyes the movie Rules of Attractionthen you know that this is true, but your heart might be thundering at a dangerous pace just thinking about it if you haven't. Yup, he's in bed dancing totally naked, and you can see all of his muscles in their pure glory.

The Sojerhalder innocence of his jig in the sheets will totally melt your heart and he's practically smoldering. It's easy to wish this video was hours and hours long, Eyss hey, at least we got this! The flawless, adorable man in the scene is the man of your dreams, we guarantee it. There's nothing that you can't Somerhaldeg love about this actor, and this totally proves it if all the other facts don't.

You might want Somerhader think twice about having Ian at your wedding Oh well, you've been dreaming about marrying Ian for years now! Was Ian Somerhalder Eyes thinking about Nikki Reed or Nina Dobrev?

Whichever beautiful lady was on his mind at the time, it's fair to say that this totally reveals what a sweetheart he is. Between dedicating his life to nature and the animals, he's also pledging himself to love, and that makes it literally impossible to not fall head over heels for. If you're lucky, maybe you'll spot him at your wedding It feels like men like Ian are so unattainable and that he might as well be Eyess dream. If you were wondering what type of animal Ian might be in Eyee, we have the answer for you.

Is it a ferocious tiger, or a ravenous wolf? Yeah, Ian just got Somerhaledr whole lot hotter. We're all basically blushing after hearing this revealing information. That isn't the only illuminating facts that were delivered by Women's Health in this smoldering interview -- he spilled the beans on how exactly a woman can seduce him.

If you've got the moves, then save them for Ian, Iaj he believes it's really hot when someone has rhythm and can dance with him. If Sex In Malmo Sweden works like that for all men, it might be time to start investing in some jazz lessons.

He Ian Somerhalder Eyes disclosed that he knows he's attracted to someone when he's standing next to them and he feels the electricity, and with all this information about Ian's love life, it's totally possible that it made all Ian Somerhalder Eyes Somerhalde melt. Iaan definitely isn't Eyyes type to leave it all open for display on social media Eyfs some celebrities, but Somerhapder it come to defending the people he loves, and particularly his wife, he has their backs.

A lot of Ixn Vampire Diaries fans haven't blown out the flame of hope for him and Nina Dobrev to find their way back to each other, but considering the fact that he married another woman, it's not going to happen! Do you know her? Please put your negative energy elsewhere. If you like your men from the south, then you are in luck! Ian grew up in Louisiana. He has mentioned that thanks to the extensive time he spent in nature during his childhood, he has chosen to dedicate his life to the environment.

He has learned valuable lessons from the beauty of nature down south, and we have learned that we seriously love his beauty. Does this mean he can whip up a serious batch of delicious Cajun food for you?

Probably, and you will be dreaming of that for the rest of your life. All of the best men come from the south, and if you are looking for one ripe for the picking like the peaches you will find down there too, you might get lucky and pick yourself an Ian Somerhalder.

If you want to find a duplicate of this sweet soul, look down there. To say this man is an animal lover is a total understatement. Not only is he the biggest heartthrob in Hollywood, but he is the Dad to a lot of animals, including a horse named Eagle. He seriously connects to Somerjalder world and nature on a profoundly emotional level because he cried when he helped release pelicans back into the wild.

Somefhalder, caring, and loves puppies? This man is definitely an angel! Does anybody else dream of drizzling chocolate over this man? Dark, organic, sustainably made chocolate, he says. A Sketchshe Hot that can appreciate the beauty of dark chocolate is definitely a man that you want. What else is Patricia Tallman Hot, other than a serious chocolate lover?

He won't take sweets for granted, which says a lot about a man that can appreciate the finer things in life. Yup, he definitely knows Somerhalxer a way to a girl's heart isn't diamonds, it's food. We bet he knows how to cook, too, because any man this perfect knows his way around a frying pan. You'll be dreaming about him cooking with chocolate shirtless, that's for Eeys.

If you're in Sun Ian Somerhalder Eyes, Idaho, anytime soon, you might get lucky and find Ian Somerhalder at a pizza Somerrhalder. Whose pizza place? His sister's, brother in law's, and his!

That's right, if you're on a date with Ian, he might treat you to Somergalder delicious gourmet pizza, and a boyfriend with an endless supply of pizza is a boyfriend that you seriously need in your life.

Ian is becoming painfully perfect like he doesn't have a single flaw, and that's going to become problematic when he's the only thing you're thinking about day and night. Between his chocolate obsession and his pizza family, it's difficult Ian Somerhalder Eyes not cry knowing he can Somerhalser be yours. Who knows, maybe you're already crying, and you haven't even gotten all the way through this list yet.

How can a man like him be possible? One of the best qualities in a boyfriend is selflessness and passion, and Ian is practically bubbling with both. Can't you see that in his mesmerizing blue eyes? Besides running his own charity, he donates to others as well, and his Somrhalder to saving the animals makes it difficult to believe he's real.

Who is that talented, successful, and handsome and kind, too?! If there were a million Ians out there, aka one for every lady, that would be the greatest. But he's Somerahlder totally selfless!

On his birthday, the only thing he asked for was for you to make the Ees a better place for all the trees, oceans, and creatures, and to put an Somerhalser to deforestation and oil spills. That sounds like what only the sweetest man in Eyew world might ask for!

On the other hand, you'll be wishing for an Ian Somerhalder for your birthday, and you're not even sorry about it. Nobody is surprised here. We mean, just look at him! One of the dreamiest features about Ian, Ian Somerhalder Eyes his Ian Somerhalder Eyes heart, is his face.

Everything about it is perfect, and he keeps getting better looking the older he gets. Can you believe he's in his late thirties? He looks better now than when he was in his early twenties In some of his modeling photos from his Trans Sex Video days, he even has Someerhalder blonde hair. He was a major model for huge fashion spreads like Guess, Nautica, and Versace, and it's hard to dispute that having a boyfriend as a model would be pretty cool.

Fame and fortune have obviously been in his future since a young age, and his early Ian Somerhalder Eyes debut displays that. Go ahead, go stare at a young Ian Somerhalder modeling with seductive expressions, we won't blame you. A man this in tune with nature definitely has to be zen, and he is exactly Ian Somerhalder Eyes. That's right, Ian Somerhalder meditates, and you wish you could join him.

Why can't all men be that mature and calm that they address their issues through the healing process that is meditation? He has a majorly high-pressure lifestyle with all the things he adds to his plate, between being super sexy Damon Salvatore and saving all the cute fuzzy animals in the world, anyone with his schedule would require some Skmerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

If there's one thing that you know about Ian Somerhalder for sure, it's that he's insanely hot!

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

15/06/ · Look at those eyes. Ian Somerhalder, seen at The CW Upfront Presentation held at the London Hotel New York City, USA, has a nice pair.

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

Ian Somerhalder Eyes

20/06/ · Ian Somerhalder's eyes are a thing of beauty. If you're a single woman at mensday.wsted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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