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Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

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Strax, a Sontaranis seen in his first appearance to be acting as a nursecaring for wounded soldiers on another planet. They are all recruited by the Eleventh Doctor to help him rescue Amy Pond. Despite the success of the effort, Strax apparently dies in the battle.

He is, however, shown to be awakened by Vastra and Flint a couple of days later, in the webisode "The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later"; Great Gay Blowjob [16] he then became their butler in the 19th century. Since their first appearance, the trio have appeared various times to help the Doctor, even having a central role in the first half of " The Crimson Horror " Their last episode was 's " Deep Breath ", the first episode starring the Twelfth Doctor.

They also have their own spin-off novella, Devil in the Smoke[17] [18] and spin-off novel, Silhouette[19] and the trio have appeared in several online "minisodes", [12] [20] with Shiny Teen Porn additionally appearing in a series of "Field Report" videos posted to the Doctor Who website.

The three characters became popular with audiences, with the presence of an inter-species same-sex couplealso leading to some attention. Vastra is a female Silurian warrior from prehistoric Earth who was awakened from hibernation in the 19th century when her lair was disturbed during the construction of the London Underground.

She eventually overcame her race's hatred of humans and joined London society. She became a consulting detective to Scotland YardJenny Madame Vastra a possible inspiration for the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Jenny's backstory in "The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later" shows she was turned away from her family because of her "preferences in companionship", [16] and saved from attackers by Vastra, who took her on as an employee. The Doctor was present at their initial meeting, during which Vastra recounts in " The Name of the Doctor " that he saved Jenny's life.

She is shown in all of her appearances to be entirely comfortable with postth century technologies, time travel, and the TARDIS ; she is repeatedly seen using technology devices and, in the episode " Deep Breath ", she is seen wearing and using the Sonic Gauntlet designed for that episode. Strax was forced to serve as a nurse, healing the injured as a punishment [10] for Jenny Madame Vastra defeated by the Doctor during the Sontaran invasion of Earth. They fight together against their enemies and succeed in saving Amy, but Strax is mortally wounded and appears to die after saying his last words to Rory Williams.

They then appear in " The Snowmen "trying to convince the Eleventh Doctor to come out of retirement into which he has retreated after losing Amy and Rory in " The Angels Take Manhattan ".

They help the Doctor's future new companion Clara Oswald to find him and support them in their fight against the Great Intelligence. A high fall kills Clara, whose death indirectly lets the Doctor defeat the Great Intelligence. They travel to Yorkshirewhere Jenny infiltrates a suspect community called Sweetville, led by Mrs Gillyflower.

They discover that Clara appears to be alive the Doctor's companion being another version of the one seen in "The Snowmen", coming from another erabut Jenny Madame Vastra Doctor does not explain why to Jenny, as he himself does Jenny Madame Vastra know the answer at this time.

The three characters reappear in the seventh series finale " The Name of the Doctor ", where they organise a meeting in a dream with Clara and River Song.

During the "conference call", the three are captured by the Whisper Men, minions of the Great Intelligence, who uses them as bait to bring the Eleventh Doctor to his tomb on the planet Trenzalore.

The Doctor unhesitatingly goes to rescue them, recalling their caring and concern for him in "The Snowmen" and feeling a duty towards them. After the Doctor arrives on Trenzalore with Clara, the Great Intelligence scatters itself across the Doctor's timeline to destroy him.

As history changes, Jenny disappears and Strax forgets his friendship with Vastra Jenny Madame Vastra attacks her, forcing her to defend herself. She points a weapon at him and it glows, but Strax disappears suddenly, leaving Vastra bewildered and calling his name.

After Clara enters the timestream to save the Doctor and undo the Great Intelligence's changes to history, Jenny and Strax are restored. The Jenny Madame Vastra, along with Clara, take him back to their home to rest, while they attempt to solve the problem of the dinosaur.

However, the Doctor soon wakes up and tries to solve it himself, only to witness the dinosaur spontaneously combustand Vad Smakar Sperma informs the Doctor that there have been similar murders recently. Together, they Jenny Madame Vastra a message in a newspaper directed at Clara, leading to her reunion with the Doctor. The Doctor and Clara go searching for the culprit; when they are about to be killed by robots, the Paternoster Gang rescue them, fighting along with Clara until the Doctor defeats their leader, leading all robots to be deactivated and saving his friends.

Vastra states that she is of course welcome, but she should have no doubt of the Doctor's return. The Doctor then indeed comes back to pick her up, and they leave the house to bring Clara back home. All three featured together in audio for the first time in 's The Eighth of March Jenny Madame Vastra, which also served as Jenny Flint's debut in Jenny Madame Vastra form.

In Novemberthe long-running children's show Blue Peter announced a competition for fans aged 6—15 to design 'sonic devices' for the characters, with the three winning designs appearing in Series 8. In an interview in the Doctor Who Magazine issue dated AprilSteven Moffat said that the BBC suggested a spin-off series about the characters, [37] but Big Vein On Dick rejected the idea due to his other commitments.

The three characters have met with positive reviews from critics who praised their chemistry, as well as the humour concerning Strax and his Sontaran warrior habits, often Jenny Madame Vastra odds with the context. He also stated "with marriage equality so much on the agenda, the divine Vastra and Jenny can only be a good thing to have on screens at tea time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help Platega this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and Dandignastay. In Doctor Who and the Siluriansthe Third Doctor coins the name "Silurian" after discovering calculations of the age of the Earth inside Dr Quinn's office, "with particular reference" to the Silurian era, the era they purportedly come from.

The Wwe Leksaker realises that this planet was drawn into Earth's orbit and became the Moon.

The sunset the Silurian Okdel sees before going into total sleep is described as "the last time he was to see the sun for a hundred million years". Doctor Who. BBC Carmen Breaking Bad. Doctor Who and the Silurians.

The Sea Devils. Series 5. Episode 9. Series 8. Episode 7. Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters. Doctor Who novelisations. BBC Books. ISBN Series 7. Episode Episode 1. Series 6. Doctor Who website. Retrieved 2 May I doubt the readers of The Strand Magazine would accept that the Great Detective is, in reality, a woman.

And her suspiciously intimate companion. Vastra: I resent the implication of impropriety. We are married. Doctor Who TV. Retrieved 5 November Doctor Who: Devil in the Smoke. New Series Adventures. Retrieved 20 September Retrieved Tom Byron Bio August Big Finish Productions. Retrieved Jenny Madame Vastra October Retrieved 6 November Doctor Who Magazine.

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Doctor Who character. Eleventh Doctor Twelfth Doctor. Earth Vastra and Jenny Sontar Strax. Prehistoric era Vastra [note 1] 19th century Jenny 41st century Strax [note 2].

Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

Strax, a Sontaran , is seen in his first appearance to be acting as a nurse , caring for wounded soldiers on another planet.

Jenny Madame Vastra

Madame Vastra, born Va'stra, (PROSE: The Red-Eyed League) was a Silurian detective who shared a house at 13 Paternoster Row with Jenny Flint, her maid and eventual wife, in Victorian London. Alongside Jenny and the Sontaran nurse Strax, Vastra investigated unusual activities. Vastra employed Strax as a butler in London while Jenny became the maid to cover any possible gossip. 1 Biography .

Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

Jenny Madame Vastra

(Madame Vastra) Vastra’s relationship with Jenny eventually became romantic. (A Good Man Goes to War) Though The Doctor claimed he was responsible for Vastra being a of “polite Victorian society”, Vastra claimed it was due to her saving the Queen from a Zygon plot.

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