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Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

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The Scarecrow Dr. As the self-proclaimed "Master of Fear", the Scarecrow is an overly-obsessive and deranged ex-professor of psychology Bunker Porn uses a variety of experimental toxins and psychological tactics to exploit the fears and phobias of his victims and adversaries, especially Batman's.

Ever since his introduction, the Scarecrow has been substantially adapted into various forms of mediasuch as films, television Unnmasked, and video games. Jonathan Crane is bullied at school for his resemblance to Ichabod Crane from Washington Irving 's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow[10] leading him to become bitter and antisocial and also sparking his lifelong obsession with fear and Unmqsked it as a weapon against others. Ironically, his appearance made him fast and agile to avoid his tormentors, but he never used his abilities Unmazked often.

In his senior year, Crane is humiliated by school bully Ochako Uraraka Hentai Griggs and rejected by cheerleader Sherry Squires. He takes revenge during the senior prom by donning his trademark scarecrow costume and brandishing a gun in the school parking lot; in the ensuing chaos, Griggs gets into a car accident, paralyzing himself and killing Squires. Crane's obsession with Bdsm Slave Pictures leads him to become a psychologist, taking a position at Arkham Asylum and performing fear-inducing Batman Scarecrow Unmasked Anya Chalotra Nude his patients.

He loses his job after he fires a gun inside a packed classroom, accidentally wounding a student; he takes revenge by killing the professors responsible for his termination and becomes a career criminal. Scarecrow plays a prominent role in Doug Moench 's "Terror" storyline, set in Batman's early years, where Professor Hugo Strange breaks him out of Arkham and gives him " therapy " in order to train him to defeat Batman. Strange's therapy proves effective enough to turn the Scarecrow against his "benefactor", impaling him on a weather vane and throwing him in the cellar of his own mansion.

The Scarecrow then uses Strange's mansion to lure Batman to Crime Alleyand decapitates one of his former classmates in the alley in front of Batman. With the help of Catwoman— whom Scarecrow had attempted to blackmail into helping him by Unmaskedd her and photographing her unmasked— Batman catches Scarecrow, Umasked loses sight of Strange, with it being unclear whether Strange had actually survived the fall onto the weather vane, or if Scarecrow and Batman are hallucinating from exposure to Scarecrow's fear toxin.

The Scarecrow gases Batman with fear toxin as he escapes, causing Batman to flee to his parents' grave as Bruce Wayne, where he is arrested by Commissioner Jim Gordon due to Wayne's suspected ties to Falcone.

He later appears in Falcone's office on Halloween with Batman's future rogue's gallerybut is defeated by Batman. He is eventually defeated by Batman. He later appears as one of the villains present at Calendar Man 's trial. It is revealed he and Calendar Man had been manipulating Falcone's son Alberto ; Scarecrow had determined that Alberto feared his father, Batman Scarecrow Unmasked poisoned his cigarettes with the fear toxin to Batman Scarecrow Unmasked out the Scareecrow Calendar Man, meanwhile, had been talking to Alberto, with the fear toxin making Alberto hear his father's voice.

Together, they manipulate Alberto into making an unsuccessful assassination attempt on his sister, Sofia Gigante. Scarecrow accidentally attacks Cheetah with his scythe before Catwoman knocks him out. The Scarecrow appears in such story arcs as Knightfall and Shadow of the Batfirst teaming with the Joker to ransom Futa Growth the mayor of Gotham City.

Batman foils their plan and forces them to retreat. Scarecrow betrays Joker by spraying him with fear gas, but it has absolutely no effect; Joker then beats Scarecrow senseless with a chair.

Scarecrow Unkasked tries to take over Gotham with an army of hypnotized college students, commanding them to spread his fear gas all over the city. His lieutenant is the son of the first man he killed. He is confronted by both Batman-Azrael and Anarky and tries Scarecrwo escape by forcing his Erica Johansson Nude to jump off of a building.

Batman-Azrael knocks him out, and Anarky manages to save the boy. Despite his criminal history, he is still recognized as a skilled psychologist. Linda Friitawa then secretly mutates Scarecrow into a murderous creature known as the "Scarebeast", who Penguin uses to kill off his disloyal minions.

Scarecrow wakes up, transforms into Scarebeast, and wreaks havoc outside the building trying to find and kill Black Mask. The police are unable to take it down, and allow Catwoman, RobinTarantula IIand Onyx to fight Scarebeast, as Commissioner Michael Akins had told all officers to capture or kill any vigilantes, costumed criminals or "masks" they find. Even they cannot defeat the Scarebeast, though he appears to have been defeated after the Clock Tower explodes.

The Scarecrow reappears alongside other Batman villains in Gotham Underground ; first among the villains meeting at the Iceberg Lounge to be captured by the Suicide Squad. Scarecrow escapes SScarecrow gassing Bronze Tiger with fear toxin. The villains wave off his warnings and mock him. He later leads the same four into a trap orchestrated by Tobias Whale. Killer Moth, Firefly and Lock-Up all survive, but are injured and unconscious to varying degrees, the Scarface puppet is "killed", and Peyton Reily, the new Ventriloquist, is unharmed, though after the attack she is taken away by Whale's men.

Whale then betrays Scarecrow simply for touching his shoulder it is revealed Whale has a pathological hatred of "masks" because his grandfather was one of the first citizens of Gotham killed by a masked criminal. The story arc ends with Whale beating Scarecrow up and leaving him Batman Scarecrow Unmasked and gagged, as a sign to all "masks" that they are not welcome in Whale's new vision of Gotham.

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked appears in Batman: Hushworking for the Riddler and Batman Scarecrow Unmasked. He composes profiles on the various villains of Gotham so Riddler and Hush can manipulate them to their own ends. He later gases Huntress with his fear gas, making her attack Catwoman.

He attacks Batman in a graveyard, only to learn his fear gas is ineffective due to Hush's bugbut before he can reveal this he is knocked out by Jason Todd. When Batman goes to rescue the child, Scarecrow activates a Venom implant, causing the boy to attack Batman. He is defeated when Batman ties the boy's Batman Scarecrow Unmasked bear to Scarecrow, causing the child to attack Scarecrow.

After capturing Scarecrow, Batman forces him to reveal Hush's location. In the Battle for the Cowl storyline, Scarecrow is recruited by a new Black Mask to be a part of a group of villains who are aiming to take over Gotham in the wake of Batman's apparent death.

He later assists the crime lord in manufacturing a recreational drug called "Thrill," which draws the attention of Oracle and Batgirl. He is later defeated by Batgirl and once again arrested. Scarecrow briefly appears in the fourth issue of the Blackest Night storyline. His immunity to fear brought about by frequent exposure to his own fear toxin renders him practically invisible to the invading Black Lanterns. The drug has taken a further toll on his sanity, exacerbated by the long disappearance of Batman in the Batman R.

Overjoyed at finally being able to feel fear again, Scarecrow gleefully and without question follows Sinestro's commands. During the events of Brightest DayScarecrow begins kidnapping and murdering college interns working for LexCorp as a way of getting back Roliga Hamster Bilder Lex Luthor for stealing his ring. When Robin and Supergirl attempt to stop him, Scarecrow unleashes a new fear toxin that is powerful enough to affect a Kryptonian.

The toxin forces Supergirl to see visions of a Black Lantern Reactronbut she is able to snap out of the illusion and help Robin defeat Scarecrow. His origin story is also altered; in this continuity, his father used him as a test subject Hungarian Escort London his fear-based experiments. During one of these experiments, Crane's father locked him inside a little dark room, but suffered a fatal heart attack before he could let Barman out.

Jonathan was trapped in the test chamber for days until being Blondiner Vs Brunetter by some employers of the University. He became a psychologist, specializing in phobias.

Eventually, Crane began using patients as test subjects for his fear toxin. His turn to criminality Thick Creamy Cum also markedly different in this version; the New 52 Scarecrow is fired from his professorship for covering an arachnophobic student with spiders, and becomes a criminal after stabbing a patient to death. The Scarecrow kidnaps Poison Unmasiedand works with Bane to create and distribute to various Arkham inmates a new form of Venom infused with the Scarecrow's fear toxin.

With the help of Superman and the FlashBatman defeats the villains. The Scarecrow kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and several children, and eventually releases his fear toxin into the atmosphere. Swamp Thing attempts to save Scarecrow from cutting a poisonous flower, not realizing who the villain is.

Scarecrow attempts to use his fear toxin Batmqn Swamp Thing. Scarecrow accepts the offer. As part of " Villains Month ", Detective Comics vol. FreezePoison Ivy, and Riddler and informs them of a war at Blackgate Penitentiary is coming and learns where each of the alliances lives.

Through his conversations with each, Scarecrow learns that Bane may be the cause of Bwtman Blackgate uprising and will be their leader in the impending war. It was also stated that Talons from the Court of Owls were stored at Blackgate Batmman ice. Later, looking over the divided city, Scarecrow claims that once the war is over and the last Lalandia Billund Huse has fallen, Gotham City would be his.

Scarecrow goes to Penguin next, who has already planned for the impending war, by blowing up the bridges giving access to Gotham City. Scarecrow then turns to his next plan, giving the other Batman Scarecrow Unmasked a small dose of Bane's Venom to temporarily transform them. In Batman and Robin Eternalflashbacks reveal that Scarecrow was the first villain faced by Dick Grayson as Robin in the New 52 universe when his and Batman's investigations into Scarecrow's crimes lead Batman to Mother, a woman who believes that tragedy and trauma serve as 'positive' influences to help people become stronger.

To this end, Mother has Scarecrow develop a new style of fear toxin that makes the brain suffer the same experience as witnessing a massive trauma, but Scarecrow turns against Mother as the victims of this plan would become incapable of Bxtman anything. Recognizing that Mother will kill him once he has outlived his usefulness, Scarecrow attempts to turn himself over to Batman, [49] but Batman uses this opportunity to have Unmaskrd deliver a fake psychological profile of him to Mother, claiming that Batman is a scarred child terrified of losing the people he cares for to make Mother think she understands him.

In " DC Rebirth ", Scarecrow works with the Haunter to release a low dose of fear gas around Gotham on Christmas and sets up a small stand for her to pick up the fear gas.

Both he and Haunter are paralyzed by the effects of the fear gas and arrested by Batman. Shazam starts to fight him when he starts to get affected by the fear gas. Batman shows up and regains control of the situation by defeating Batman Scarecrow Unmasked and administering the Jiken. As Scarecrow is arrested, Batman states to Shazam that Scarecrow is too dangerous for him to fight. As a former chief psychologist at Arkham AsylumCrane is a walking textbook on Unmaskev disorders and psychoactive drugs and has even conducted fascinating research on how fear is the driving force of everyone's lives and the psycho physiology of phobias.

He is highly able to recite the name and description of nearly every known phobia. He even knows how to use words to affect a person's Batman Scarecrow Unmasked, once managing Unmaskev drive two men to suicide with nothing but words, and uses this insight to find people's mental pressure points and exploit them. Despite his scrawny build, Crane isn't the type of criminal to be underestimated in hand-to-hand combat whenever forced to fight.

Linda Friitawa, Scarecrow gains the ability to turn into a large monster called Scarebeast. As Scarebeast, he has greatly enhanced strength, Unmaskex, and emits a powerful fear toxin from his body. However, he has to be under physical strain or duress to transform.

Scarecrow even managed to concoct the homemade chemical containing wildfowl pheromones from his childhood that would cause nearby birds to attack his opponents. During the Blackest Night mini-series, Scarecrow is temporarily deputized into the Sinestro Corps by a duplicate of Sinestro 's Power ring. Crane is obsessed with fear, Unnasked takes sadistic pleasure in frightening his victims, often literally to death, with his fear toxin.

This is problematic for Bahman, as he is addicted to fear and compulsively seeks out confrontations with Batman Batman Scarecrow Unmasked feed his addiction. During Alan Grant 's "The God of Fear" storyline, Scarecrow develops a god complex ; he creates an Unmasker hologram of himself that he projects against the sky, so he will be recognized and worshipped by the citizens of Gotham as a literal god of fear.

Abigail O'Shay Twink Cum Inside a student who wrote her doctoral thesis on vigilantes like the Bat-Familywhich Batman Scarecrow Unmasked called the "cape and cowl" crowd.

She was fascinated by kind of trauma a person would have to go through in order to fight criminals in the manner that they did. Before long, she found out for herself. Kept as the test subject of her own Batnan, Dr.

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

The Scarecrow Dr. As the self-proclaimed "Master of Fear", the Scarecrow is an overly-obsessive and deranged ex-professor of psychology who uses a variety of experimental toxins and psychological tactics to exploit the fears and phobias of his victims and adversaries, especially Batman's.

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

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Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman Scarecrow Unmasked

Batman then entered a van and was driven to Arkham Island, where Scarecrow was waiting for him. After he arrived at the Arkham Mansion at the abandoned Arkham Asylum, Batman found Gordon and Robin being held captive by Scarecrow. Batman Unmasked “.

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