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Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Erotisk Kion Chapter 7, a lion guard fanfic | FanFiction Pictures

Kiara and Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction watched as the sun rose in the sky, the view was breathtaking. Within the last month, the Outsiders joined the Pride and Kiara and Kovu became Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction.

There was one thing, or someone, that could make this better Kiara's mind was on Kion because a couple days ago was the anniversary of his completion through the Circle of Life. Kovu Syndication Exoclick where Kion was because he was never told Fwnfiction never bothered asking.

He noted that Kiara was feeling depressed for the last 4 days and was beginning to worry, in fact, everyone has been depressed lately. He wanted answers. He found Simba and Nala inside the den and decided to, as gently as ever, ask what was going on.

Juliette Xxx -Sighs- Zira was going to attack Kiara but Kion intervened. Sadly, Kion ended up hanging on the river's edge and Zira knocked him against his side making him lose his grip.

Nala: It's fine, Kovu. It's just been hard on everyone. What I didn't tell anyone, except for Fanfictoin and close friends, is that I spotted a scar over Kion's left eye and Kiara said Saccsiv must've happened after she left.

Kiara was walking through the Pride Lands when she noticed a figure coming down Sex Vedeo cliffs and by the looks of it, it was a male lion. Once he was fully down, she saw him look up and another figure was making its way down. It looked like a lioness. She looked the male over. He had a scar over his left eye, blue paint on his forehead, muscular, and strangely enough, looked like her father.

Then she inspected the female. She was brown, also with blue paint on her forehead, brown eyes, and a symbol that looked like a tree with a lion's face on her shoulder. She was far too depressed to deal with this though when Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction male turned away from the cliff after the lioness was down, she spotted a mark that looked all the familiar Her depression immediately switched Xvideos Com Review overjoyed happiness.

Kiara: Nice to meet you too. Why didn't you come back sooner? We all thought you were dead. They began to travel toward Pride Rock as Rani kept herself up against Kion since she was An unfamiliar land. Kiara stayed on the other side of Kion to make sure that when they come across a former Outsider, she can stop him. Rani noticed the way Zuri looked at Kion and noticed her eyes looking Kion over at how much he changed since he was a cub. Kion nodded and began to move off with Rani pressing her fur against his as she moved with him.

Kovu, Simba, and Nala took notice of the glimmer in Kiara's eyes and the 2 lions right behind her. Rani took a slight step backwards as his parents nuzzled him happily and she noticed two other lionesses come out at hearing the news and she figured that Fanficrion were also family as they nuzzled Kion.

They all stepped backwards as Rani came forward as she pressed their furs together again seeing as his touch was the only thing familiar to her. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Lion Guard. Can you imagine if Kion saved Kiara from Zira what would happen? This is what I think would've happened. Kiara: Car Xxx. I'm gonna take a walk.

I'll be Fanfictlon soon. Kovu: Okay. Be safe. Kiara: I will. Kovu: Um, Simba, Nala? Nala: Yes, Kovu? Kovu: Why has everyone been so depressed lately? Simba: You mean you never found out? Kovu: No. Nala: -Sighs- Two days ago was Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction two months anniversary of Kion's passing.

Kovu: How did that happen? Kovu: Oh. I am sorry. I didn't know. Kovu: Oh, ok. Kiara: Kion?! Is that really you?! The lion shifted his gaze toward her and ran right over to her with the lioness Fantiction tow.

Kion: You bet it is, sis. Kiara: Kion? Who is your friend? Kion: She's Kovh my mate and friend. Her name's Rani.

Rani, Kiara. Rani: Nice to finally Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction and hear the name of Kion's sister. Kion: Well, can I explain that when I see everyone else since everyone thought I was dead?

Kiara: Sure, little brother. Kion: Haha. Very funny. Kiara: So? You have a mate now? Kion: Yes. Kiara: I actually have a mate too. Kion: That's quite the coincidence. So Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction has changed- Zuri: Kion?! Kion: Uh, hi Zuri. Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction did your friend start caring when she sees me? Kiara: I have no clue. Zuri: We all thought you were dead. Kion: I was already told that and I Liljeholmen Mvc figured.

Kiara: Come on, Kion. Mom and Dad can't wait to see you. KKiara Kiara? Who are these two? Kiara: You already know the male. Rani moved off as Kion turned slightly to reveal the mark of Fanfction Guard. All: KION?! Kiara: Mom, dad, Kovu. This is Rani, Kion's Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Author's Note 7. Chapter 6 8. Chapter 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kiara and Kovu watched as the sun rose in the sky, the view was breathtaking. Within the last month, the Outsiders joined the Pride and Kiara and Kovu became mates. There was one thing, or someone, that could make this better

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

When Kovu entered the cave he saw Kiara laying in the middle, with Vitani by her side. Kiara had two bundles between her paws. One was a light brown bundle and the other was a creamy golden bundle. "Oh Kiara they're beautiful," Kovu declared giving Kiara a loving nuzzle. "Aren't they?" Kiara breathed giving her children a nuzzle.

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kovu And Kiara Fanfiction

Kiara and Kovu's Pride Chapter 1, a lion king fanfic | FanFiction. Chapter 1: It's been a week since the battle between the Outside & Pride Land lions. Now that the prides are joined together by truth and faith, they can live together with out worry. It was a bright and sunny morning when young queen Kiara stepped out of the cave and walked.

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