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Porr Boyfriend made me pee myself? - GirlsAskGuys Pictures

You're correct lol : if the roles were reversed I would have laughed at him too aha :P it's just embarrassing but I hope that feeling wears off soon because I've been avoiding him just a little since the peeing happened lol. Aww thanks for saying that : It helped! He doesn't think it's a big deal and just found it super funny lol.

I, on the other hand, always like being "put together" and that was the worst thing that could have happened! I just want him to forget it ever happened! Lol : He was trying so hard not to laugh but I think it was funny to him that he caused me to pee my pants! I could have murdered him honestly lol. I always joke around with him saying he doesn't have a good sense of humor and now he's like "And you say I'm not funny.

I made you piss yourself laughing ahaha. Liked your answer : Thanks! Honestly I think I'm just very hard on myself and because I like him so much I try to be perfect for him so that situation was a nightmare for me lol :. Don't worry, if he didn't run away is because he likes you enough. You're fine :. Yes we do have sex but I honestly haven't embarrassed myself in front of him before so this was so mortifying!

Lol : How would you react if that happened to your girl or 4chan Diaper a friend? Id feel bad but I would not at all 4chan Diaper her and try not to make her feel embarassed.

Id try to make sure it never happened again too! Also Id probably not get into that situation in the first place hopefully! But try not to make too big of Suzanna Barada Son deal about it and it'll blow over, Amatorki Nago less embarassing for you, and be a positive memory for you guys in the future.

If you blow up about it, it'll just be a needless rough patch in my opinion. Good luck! Also I think its necessary to embarass yourselves in front of each other in a relationship, you guys need to experience all facets of each other, embarassment included. What you guys do is an important learning experience ya know?

You have a point : it's important for couples to go through embarrassing moments together lol but peeing your pants is normally something Nakenbad Skåne with being a toddler lol :P. It happened between the two us only lol and it better remain a secret lol : If he tells anyone I swear I'll strangle him :P. We normally get into a lot of tickle fights but I've never had that happen before!

I was embarrassed but he told me it wasn't a big deal lol :. He sounds like someone who creates a healthy environment. It's great laughing about the bad things :. My boyfriend told me the same thing that he found it really cute lol : I guess I see what you mean but I'm a bit 4chan Diaper a control freak so that was a nightmare situation for me lol :.

Do you like to be dominant? Not necessarily dominant lol but I don't always feel comfortable with someone having the upper hand. Like when he's tickling me and I Iiterally have to beg him to stop or in this case when I peed myself, I just feel out of control. Not sure if that makes sense aha :.

I think I get it, it's just hard when you feel kind of like you have no control over what's going on. Or also just you don't like being tickled :. 4chan Diaper I used to think I liked being tickled but after this i think I'm traumatized aha :.

Ah so you need to have some normal tickle sessions without the peeing so that you can get used to the pleasure of it again. Then you'll forget about the trauma : I was kind of disappointed, I was gonna start tickling my girlfriend well, first seeing if she's ticklish but then we broke up before I had the chance to try. It was a very smooth breakup and we're still cool with each other, but I never had the experience of getting her to laugh and move around from being tickled Aww I'm sorry you missed out on experiencing that : I think I enjoy being tickled by my boyfriend because it bonds us together and gives us a reason to laugh but there definitely should be a safety word when I'm being serious about stopping!

Lol :P That would be enough for me to feel comfortable with being tickled again because it gives me a small bit of control lol :. He should have stopped regardless lol : Tickling is the worst when your actually super ticklish!! If he's a good dude and appreciates you, he isn't ever going to bring it up again. That would be my next move. He already brought it up once lol and he was like "As long as you don't shit yourself it's all good ahaha. Now if the woman shits herself, you or any other, that's a horse of a different color!

Probably husbands too. Totally acceptable if giving birth. I was a foreman and out on the floor with my crew when I thought I had to fart, butt pun my ass had other ideas. Good thing I had plenty of shower, dressing rooms and change of clothes. Terrible, the worst. Know if I'm ever sick, I stay home. Lol : Thanks for sharing. Even though it's quite embarrassing we're all just humans and Sexig Fru these things can't be helped aha : Although I've never burped or farted in front of the boyfriend, he jokes around saying he'll catch me doing it someday lol :P I hope not!

I heard my then wife race into the bathroom and she didn't have time to close the bathroom door. I don't know how to defend myself when I'm being tickled! Lol : I literally become a helpless heap and just beg for Coronation Street Naked to stop as I squirm around trying to escape aha :. Aww, that sucks. I swear I'm never gonna let Epic Anal Dildo tickle me again lol :P I wish I had peed on him instead.

That would have made his laughter end super fast aha ; What an asshole he is. He made me ruin one of my favorite pairs of pants lol so he deserves something! I hope he makes you pee yourself again, you clearly deserve it :P. I did but it's gone the other way now, I sense your evil soul. You need to be in constant bladder torture, sorry. No I'm not lol : 4chan Diaper wouldn't actually do Woman Symbol Art lol but he embarrassed me so bad so that makes him the evil one lol.

I know but I was so embarrassed and I didn't even know how to react! At the moment it happened i can see how it would. Peeing yourself in front of your SO for any reason is nothing to rejoice about. But this was all in the context of fun and games, it is his fault, he didn't listen, now it's something you both should be able to laugh about. Unless he lets it slip in front of people.

Then you smack him one Thanks for your advice : oh I never even considered that he might tell Helix Piercing Miley Cyrus : He honestly better not! I would probably never leave the house and become a hermit aha :P. I think I overreacted just a tad lol but it's because I felt so out of control from all that laughing he put me through! Lol :. Why would that make you laugh?

Lol : the girl would probably wanna hide in embarrassment like me! That's one of the funniest things I've heard. Just make sure your boyfriend doesn't ever see the Scary movie 2 pee scene haha. One thing that did come to mind was this With everything, I see it from many different angles I really hope he keeps this embarrassing situation to himself lol :P I seriously think I would be 4chan Diaper to kill him if this story got out lol :.

I couldn't look at him for a long time after that cause I was so embarrassed. After reading a lot of the comments I'm starting to Drew Barrymore Tits the humor lol : Thanks :. I can totally see why you were embarrassed, but hey that's your boyfriend and I'm sure he loves you.

He wouldn't judge you for something like that. I thought that scenario was funny. Just a tickle fight gone wrong :. I would never prevent someone from going to the bathroom when I was younger kids used to tickle me and I'd pass out find myself in Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Age office first aid room.

I'm sorry that happened to you : I guess we're easy targets cause we're so ticklish and it sucks sometimes. Lol : There's nothing attractive about this image!

Yesterday while I was watching my favorite TV show on the couch, my boyfriend walked into the room and started massaging my shoulders. I was positioned between his legs and his arms were wrapped around my torso. He slowly shifted from massaging me to softly tickling me and I was laughing super hard. I could feel myself getting breathless and I was shrieking so much trying to get him to stop but he thought it was super entertaining and so continued doing it.

I was like "Stop it! I have to pee! I'm about to pee myself!

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You're correct lol : if the roles were reversed I would have laughed at him too aha :P it's just embarrassing but I hope that feeling wears off soon because I've been avoiding him just a little since the peeing happened lol.

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