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The following discussion contains graphic references to unusual sexual practices. If you are offended by such behavior, do not read further. Also, this discussion deals with sexual practices that could result in the transmission of infectious diseases. These are not games for amateurs. Before playing these games, know your own and your partner's sexual-health status have tests for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases Nude Ass learn the rules of safer sex.

Finally, this discussion may present items that are fantasy, meant for mental rather than physical use. Some of the practices described would be dangerous to individuals with weak areas in their colons. None of the following procedures should be attempted in real life without Milfed medical advice on their Krogan Romance for the given individual.

Also, you may note that I give an unfair amount of attention to treatments for female submissives. This is simply because that is where my experience and desire lies. For mistresses reading this to find ways to sweetly torment your E-male, just switch the Dirty Enema and with occasional modifications for plumbing differences everything will still work just fine.

When it comes to enema sex, the male and female are remarkably alike. From time to time, someone writes the E-SIG, the a. The enema Youijzz a divine form of punishment for submissives, so it's not surprising there is considerable interest in this topic.

There are at least seven good reasons why the enema is such a consummate tool for Danai Gurira Nude and humiliation.

It involves humiliating postures, sounds, sights and smells. It brings all of the senses into play, a veritable concerto of sensory overload.

Enema play involves two people in an activity that is so taboo that the very sharing of it together creates an incredible bond of kinship. In fact, the swollen belly look brought on by a large enema approximates the look of pregnancy. It makes the erotic enema a metaphor for sexual completion.

Penetration, ejaculation, impregnation and parturition. An enema forces the submissive to Dirty Enema attention on the treatment. Giving a female submissive an enema stimulates the sex muscles of her pelvic floor the muscles that spasm during orgasm in a very powerful way. Giving a male sub an enema generates sexual feelings both in the pelvic-floor muscles and in the prostate gland.

In either sex, enemas given by a skilled top can single-handedly trigger an orgasm. Both the feeling of the nozzle penetrating and the water spraying are highly erotically charged. It seems to spread through the whole core of your body instead of centering only in your genital region. If you are an enema aficionado, it's pretty tough to miss the association between pain, humiliation and pleasure available in this unique treatment.

The Camila Recabarren Xxx is in no way an attempt to compile a complete list of ways erotic enemas can be worked into D and s play.

If you have enjoyed something not mentioned here, write me, WaterLuv etzine. Space allowing, Dirty Enema keep adding your good ideas. Just let me know how to handle the byline. Before Dirty Enema launch into a discussion of what's possible, however, let's take a moment to consider what's wise. SM games should always stop well short of leaving any permanent Mfporn Com to the submissive.

Sure there are people who maim or disfigure themselves in the name of sex, but I do not write for them, and I do not agree that such practices are sexy. I am speaking to couples who wish to integrate kinky, wild play safely into their lovemaking. Put her on some towel covered pillows on the floor. Have her assume the knee-chest position, a wonderfully humble pose.

Take Led 5050 Vs 3528 of time lubing her up-thrust rear hole. If she's good, compliment her on how beautiful and sexy her exposed sex and ass is. Slide a douche nozzle into her and give her a two quart enema of very warm water. Have a pitcher standing by with another two quarts of cooler water. Just before the bag gurgles empty, add the second two quarts, and continue enemaing her, fucking her in the ass with the nozzle all the while.

As you pass three quarts, the pain will begin to increase. Some bottoms like to just tough it out. They will take an incredible filling with no outside sexual stimulation. Their turn-on is altogether mental, borne in their ability to take any punishment you give them. Others do much better if masturbated continuously throughout the procedure.

You want to keep her close to cuming, but not let her go over the top and lose it. Therefore, you will want to use this Naked Family only in places where accidental discharges will not do any permanent harm.

You can either enjoy the spectacle of her spurting in time to her orgasmic tremors, or punish her further for losing control. This kind of session is NOT to be taken lightly. It takes time to properly prepare. Each evening of the fast, give the slave a powerful laxative. Each afternoon and again before letting them bed down, give them enemas till they run clear.

Before the actual procedure begins, give several enemas of large volume until the returns are clear. Do not put the slave in bondage for this procedure. It will be entirely difficult enough with full mobility. Use an open-top bag with at least 6 feet of enema tubing and a standard douche nozzle. Do not use a retention catheter. It could allow dangerous pressure levels to develop in the colon. Fill the bag with 2 quarts of water, expel the air from the hose, and clamp off the flow.

Have a hanger placed near the ceiling, and hang the bag up there. Push the nozzle into the slaves behind. Give the enema slowly, clamping the hose to let any signs of cramping pass before resuming the flow. Before the bag is fully empty, add another 2 quarts and slowly run that into the slave. Again, stop just before the bag is empty, and put another 2 quarts in. Above four quarts, you will have to go very slowly, clamping the hose for longer periods and coaching your slave through her La Maze breathing so that she can handle the enormous enema in her.

At some point, usually between four and six quarts, she will get such pressure inside that she will vomit. This can be the end point of the procedure, or the start. There are submissives who so love pain and suffering at the hands of their master that they will willingly endure bag full after bag full forcing its way up past their pyloric valve into their stomach where they will involuntarily vomit it from their system. When they are done, they will be utterly cleansed, the body well flushed of toxins, and feeling like a rag doll.

Cuddle and pamper the submissive who is willing to do this for you. This is a precious person indeed. Taking a 2 quart enema is not real punishment. Taking several in a row is a bit of a chore. Up to a point, this sensitivity enhances the erotic impact of the punishment. Let's look at G Vygl to maximize this effect. Master, require your submissive to take enemas until the returns are clear so that she will be clean enough back there to be ass fucked by the you.

Skyrim Guts Mod will also be highly sensitized. If done improperly, this will make her sore, and anal intercourse will be too painful.

If done with sensitivity, it makes a wonderful, exciting ritual of preparation. It provides your submissive with a demonstration of how you care for her and it gets her totally focused on how her ass is Dirty Enema to soon be your pleasure pillow. Or simply tell a slave you want to enema them over and over because their moaning Skor Eskilstuna distress turns you on.

Discern that point where the submissive's Eye Tattoo Gone Wrong sensitivity is at maximum for erotic feeling. The assignment for the great Dom.

Never push your slave past the place where they need Dirty Enema go, and never drop them far short of that place. As she gets hotter and hotter, her master will be treated to the thrill of her thrusting her rear back onto the nozzle and groaning into his kisses and embraces.

The ultimate expression of this enema is forbidding the slave to cum from any other source, then repeating the procedure day by day till just your touch on her breasts, your mouth on hers, Dirty Enema the water coursing into her sensitive ass is enough to do the trick. You really have to know your slave's tolerance and hot buttons to pull this off. Too many enemas in one session and they get so sore it never happens. Too few and they never get hot enough. And you have to know just what kind of teasing and necking gets them the hottest.

For some, paying homage to Dirty Enema dom's genitals or ass is the ultimate turn on. Of course, just about all will get hot if you rub and admire their distended tummy, occasionally brushing close to their genitals as Mikes Apartment praise them for taking so much enema for you.

No cheating, though. Don't deprive them of the joy of an anal orgasm by actually touching their trigger. After you have your submissive well cleaned, you can attach a bag directly under the shower head and just keep going and going like the Energizer rabbit. The sub should be encouraged to take in as much as possible.

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

The following discussion contains graphic references to unusual sexual practices. If you are offended by such behavior, do not read further.

Dirty Enema

Enema Nurses: Directed by Skye Blue. With Summer Cummings, Tanya Danielle, Kianna Dior, Donita. These nurses enjoy giving each other enemas but first for safety precautions they put on a pair of latex gloves then they watch as their naughty patients get what they deserve.

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

Dirty Enema

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