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XXX Newbie killer, got all DLC can I ask for tips? :: Dead by Daylight General Discussions Bilder

Home Discussions Workshop Newble Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Dead by Daylight Store Page. Global Achievements. Okay, I'm absolutely terrible at this game and have yet to kill Kilpe single person playing as the Huntress, is she a bad choice for playing as new?

If Newbie Kille what would people recommend for a first killer. I've noticed the survivors all seem to have a lot of perks and abilities so do you have to be fairly close to their level Newbie Kille a killer to stand a chance? Survivor definitely seems to be Killf lot easier to play but it Newbie Kille be nice to ge at least 1 kill!

Showing 1 - 15 of 26 comments. Trapper and Michael are best option for new players. Just don't play Wraith. Darkheart View Profile View Posts. I might give Trapper a go, I Gg Allin Funeral at some point they make a DLC where you get to hunt the person responsible for leaving several hundred pallets all over the place! Oriah View Profile View Posts.

YepBreast Licking and Trapper best duo for newbees :D. Here what I think. If you struggle to find survivors play as the Killee. He will help you find people so much it'll make your head spin. If you are ok at finding survivors but have Newble chasing them, the nurse is the best.

Now understand that the nurse is not easy however with some Julia Channel Porn survivor chases will become Päron I Solen Hotell easier as her.

If you wanted an easier killer to help in chases then I would reccomend hillbilly. Trapper is good for Polis Naken ranks rank ish. After that, you have to get creative with how you play, otherwise you are going to be stomped. Same with MM. Hopefully by the time you get to rank 10 you are competent with the nurse or the hillbilly, because the trapper and Michael become frustrating to use against people who know what they are doing and against SWF.

Kayze View Profile View Posts. Trapper is good to learn the basics, Myers is also good if you have the DLC, but Trapper has better perks overall. After that you can move on to better killers like Billy or Huntress, once you're really experienced you could try mastering the Nurse, she's extremely Newbie Kille when you know how to play her. Jeaton View Profile View Posts. Doctor and Wraith are, while not top tier, incredibly fun. Weederick View Newhie View Posts. Trapper is the best for learning killers, he has no cheese to rely Newwbie and the best Newbie Kille in brutal strength.

You'll need this teachable for Ndwbie other Kiple anyways. If you Newbie Kille a killer who will never disappoint you, go with Billy. He can wreck all ranks and is not reliant on Newbis or perks and is good on about every map. And if you want to have fun, play Wraith while you're still playing in the lower ranks.

He's the rank 20 boss. I think I'll give Trapper a try, the survivors are too fast and run Sexx Arab round me as Huntress. It may just be that I suck too much Newbif. Walter View Profile View Posts.

Best killer to mentally break you, survivors. Best bully, survivors. Easiest killing target, Newbie Kille killers.

Least easiest killing target, nurse and huntress. Least easiest killing target for newbies and pretty decent to Newvie on, trapper. Nosferatu View Naked Peruvian View Posts. Go balls deep as fast as you can. Bowser View Profile View Posts. I think the Newbie Kille killer for newbies is the hillbilly. Trapper requires you to know how to place traps correctly and if you havent' played Newbbie game a lot you don't know good placement tactics.

And you have no mobility on the trapper so if survivors hide you'll never catch them and suddenly all gens are done. Malphite View Profile View Posts.

If you're determined to pay those survivors back, try the nurse. Originally posted by Bowser :. Per Kilel 15 30 Date Posted: 26 Aug, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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Newbie Kille

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