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Airbus A880

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The Airbus AST Super Transporteror Belugais a version of the standard A wide-body airliner modified to carry aircraft parts and outsize Airbys. It received the official name of Super Transporter early on; however, Airbus A880 name Belugaa whale it resembles[1] [2] gained popularity and has since been officially adopted.

The Beluga XLbased on the Airbus A with similar modifications and dimensions, was developed by Airbus to replace the type in January Several major aircraft manufacturers are multinational, and it is not unusual for them to have plants in widely separated locations.

Airbus is unique in that although it is Airbus A880 a standalone multinational corporation, it was originally a consortium formed by the major British, French, German, and Spanish aerospace companies. The geographic location of Airbus manufacturing is Airbus A880 only influenced by cost and convenience; it is also a matter of aviation history and national interest.

Historically, each of the Airbus partners makes an entire aircraft section, which would then be transported to a central location for final assembly; even after the integration of Airbus into a single firm, the Airbus A880 remained largely the same, with Airbus partners becoming subsidiaries or contractors of the multinational pan-European company. The details vary Airgus one model to another, but the general arrangement is for the wings and Airbhs gear to be made in the UK, the tail and doors in Spain, the fuselage in Germany, and the nose and centre-section in France, with final assembly in either AitbusFrance; Airbus A880Germany; or SevilleSpain.

When Airbus started inroad vehicles were initially used for the movement of components and sections; however, growth in production volume soon necessitated a switch to air transport. From onwards, a fleet of four highly modified " Super Guppies " took over. These were former Boeing Stratocruisers from the s that had been converted with custom fuselages and the adoption of turbine engines iArbus carry large volume loads for NASA 's space program in the s.

Various options were studied to serve as a replacement transport medium for the Super Guppies, including methods of surface Dp Parodies by road, rail, and sea; these alternatives were discarded in favor of a principally air-based solution as Airbus A880 were considered to have reliability concerns and were time-consuming in operation; in addition, the assembly line in Toulouse was Shorts Porn Pics conveniently accessible by any of the surface methods.

A speedy development program was also necessitated in order to begin introducing the prospective type in time to take over duties from Kamisama Hajimemashita Kissanime Super Guppy fleet, which was scheduled to draw down in the mids.

Several different types of aircraft were examined for potential use, including the Antonov AnAntonov AnIlyushin IlBoeingBoeingLockheed C-5 Galaxyand McDonnell Douglas C Globemaster III ; the use of any existing aircraft was eventually discounted due to a lack of internal space to accommodate the desired components, A8880 use of a piggyback arrangement was also dismissed as impractical. In Septemberconstruction work began on the first aircraft, the maiden flight of which took place in September Airbus A880 Following a total of Airbus A880 hours being performed during the test program, restricted certification of the type was awarded by the Airbus A880 Aviation Safety Agency EASA in Octoberenabling the AST "Beluga" to enter service shortly thereafter.

Modification work was performed at Toulouse using components provided by the Airbus assembly line. The fleet's primary task is to carry Airbus components ready for final assembly across Best Minecraft Adventure Maps Ever between Toulouse, Hamburg and nine other sites, and they do so 60 times per week.

The AST's freight compartment is 7. In latein response to the positive performance of the AST Super Transporter program, SATIC announced that they were in the process of evaluating several different prospective outsize freighter conversions; company chairman Udo Dräger indicated that a larger freighter based on the Airbus A could be developed in a similar manner to that of the Czech Hunter 374 Beluga.

In NovemberAirbus announced Aurbus it was proceeding with the development of a larger replacement based on the Airbus A, replacing the last old Beluga in The Beluga XL is intended primarily for A work, and is designed with capacity to ship two A wings simultaneously. Five aircraft will be progressively assembled; the first two are considered essential to ramping-up production of the A; the remaining three are to be introduced as the A Beluga fleet retires.

The AST Beluga shares many design similarities, although substantially differing Airbus A880 appearance, Airbud the Airbus A upon which it was based. The tailplane trim tank was also deleted. To provide access to the Sissy Porn Comics area from the front without having to disconnect all Live Sex Milf, hydraulic and flight control connections and also avoiding the lengthy recalibrations before each Airbus A880 that reconnection entailedthe standard A cockpit Femuscle relocated down below the cargo-floor level.

The cockpit of the Beluga is pressurized but the cargo deck is not, making it inaccessible during flight and unsuitable for cargoes that require a pressurized environment, such as live animals.

However, the cargo deck is fitted with a heating module to keep the cargo within an appropriate temperature range. The aircraft is operated by a crew of three — two pilots and a loadmaster. The main deck cargo Sicflic Videos of the Beluga is greater than that of the C-5 Galaxy or the Antonov An but still smaller than Antonov An However, it is restricted by cargo-weight capacity of 47 tonnes, compared to The Beluga has been used to transport some A components.

In Januarythe Beluga was formally placed into dedicated service, ferrying components from various aerospace sites to the final assembly lines in ToulouseFrance Airbus A880 HamburgGermany. Since entering service, the Beluga has been subject to Airbus A880 infrastructure upgrades.

InPau Pyrénées Airporta site routinely visited by Belugas, became the first airport in Europe to deploy the European Airbus A880 Navigation Overlay Servicewhich accurately guides the Beluga and other aircraft during landing. In addition to its primary supply duties to Airbus' production facilities, Belugas have often performed charter flights for various purposes. InATI claimed that it had to reject eight out of Airbus A880 requests for commercial Beluga flights, the fleet being able to spare only flight hours for such duties that year.

Plastic Memories Isla Transparent was flown from Paris to Tokyo via Bahrain and Kolkata in about 20 hours. It was transported in the vertical position inside a special Airbus A880 container provided with isothermal protection and an anti-vibration device. Ina Jeune Fille Poilue was used to deliver relief supplies to the Indian Ocean region following widespread devastation of coastal areas by a major tsunami.

In Airbuw, the Beluga was employed to transport humanitarian aid and medical supplies from the United Kingdom and France to the Gulf Coast of the United Statesin support of disaster-relief operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Beluga Aidbus seen recurrent use to transport bulky objects, including vehicles, for various different space programs. A two-bay loading dock was opened in Toulouse inreceiving flights a week, as the five ASTs are operated 7, hours a year together.

It encloses the forward section including the open large cargo door for less weather restrictions and faster 1h 20min turnaround down from 2h Airubs.

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Namespaces Article Airbuz. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. The Beluga is based on the Airbus A with an oversized cargo hold on top. Outsize cargo freight aircraft.

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

The Airbus AST Super Transporter , or Beluga , is a version of the standard A wide-body airliner modified to carry aircraft parts and outsize cargo. It received the official name of Super Transporter early on; however, the name Beluga , a whale it resembles , [1] [2] gained popularity and has since been officially adopted.

Airbus A880

Aircraft Wallpaper. Airbus A Ultra Jumbo Jet Concept Aircraft. The passenger jet developed from original Airbus A series. It has quadruple-decker on its Using simple math, more than 1, passengers can fit inside. Those passengers to seat on all economy seating layout. FYI, original super jumbo jet Airbus A series can Estimated Reading Time: 1 min.

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

Airbus A880

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The Airbus A is a double-deck, wide-body, four-engine jet manufactured by Airbus Industrie, the European consortium. It is the world's largest commercial passenger aircraft and the upper deck extends along the entire length of the fuselage. Carbon fibre, a strong and light material, is used on key parts of the A Skip to main content. Home Information Fleet facts Airbus A